Ceramic Art London

I am delighted to be showing my work at CAL for the first time. Having been accepted to display amongst some of the best potters is an honor. And I have been preparing for several months to have a decent debut.  Do come and visit me at stand 72– it is now in its 13th successful year. Ceramic Art London has become established as the essential destination for collectors, enthusiasts, gallery owners, teachers, students and anyone wishing to learn more about this fascinating art form.
Ceramic Art London 2017
Friday 31 March – Sunday 2 April 2017

Central Saint Martins, Granary Square, King’s Cross N1C 4AA


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My visit to York was a really good experience. I had the chance to show my work amongst the best of potters to a very interested public. The event was well organized and the weather could not have been better. I had the opportunity to talk to many fellow potters of which I have admired their work for some time. Ruth King, Lara Scobie, Anna Lambert, Peter Beard, Ashraf Hanna just to name a few. Basically could but up a list of all 50 potters that where there. Everyone showed a high standard of professional work.

Each morning I walked through the town centre to the museums gardens where our event tent was located. Passing by ancient walls and ruins to have coffee in one of the many cute coffee shops. I love Cambridge but York has an awful lot to offer.


But my highlight has to be the amazing CoCA Center of Ceramic Art York.coca-entrance

I had my work selling in their gallery shop for some time, but I have not had the chance to meet the team or see the collection myself. The entrance is a very modern wooden slatted facade that really suits the building. Of course the gardens surrounding the building are worth a look too.


Not only was I blown away by the varitiy of pottery on display, I also has the chance to briefly meet Anthony Shaw who is showing his extraordinary collection of ceramics in the building.

Anthony Shaw
Anthony Shaw


Shaw collection

He has been accumulating pots for over 40 years and his taste and keen eye have gathered a display second to non. You can feel the love for the handmade and unusual. It gives a true inside in someones passion for contemporary art.




It was also great to meet the museums team including the very welcoming and helpful volunteers of CoCA and the York Museum.

So if you missed CAY – you can still go to York see a very fine collection of pottery. And this city is certainly worth a visit in its own right! Whenever I visit a place and like to I picture myself living there – so in my next life I might move to York 😉