A FINE LINE – at Cambridge Contemporary Art

A fine Line – an exhibition of contemporary British ceramics

Curated by Katharina Klug in cooperation with the Cambridge Contemporary Art

Sue Mundy  11 March – 2 April 2017


I make ceramic work, but I also admire, study and collect pottery by other makers – therefore curating (or to organise) an exhibition was a goal of mine for some time.

As a professional artist, it is important to have a good relationship with galleries. And with CCA I felt I could make a suggestion for a show on making pottery the focus.

Jeremy Nichols

The team loved the idea and asked me if I would be interested in putting it together. Over the last 6 years, I met many makers or saw their work. And to have the opportunity to select work for a display is just very exciting.

It is a mixture of established and up and coming makers. I set a loose theme “Fine Line” My work is heavily inspired by lines. And I think pottery is all about lines, whether it is on the surface, the shape. I picked most makers particular for their interpretation on lines. The exhibition will also have talks and demonstrations alongside to give deeper inside into the making and the thought process behind it. Often ceramic is shown in art galleries to a compliment paintings or print, with this I wanted to shine a light on the art of making vessels.

Please come and visit to see the work but also for the many talks and demos we have lined up for you.

Fine Line advert design

List of participating artists:

Alison Graham
Barry Stedman
Carina Ciscato 
Charlotte Jones 
Chris Keenan 
Jane Cairns
Jeremy Nichols
Jill Shaddock
Jo Davies
Joanna Howells
Karen Bunting
Lara Scobie
Louisa Taylor
Moyra Stewart
Rhian Malin 
Sue Mundy
Jin Eui Kim

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