Good News

SILVER at the Craft&Design Awards in Ceramics

Good news came through this week – for the second time I have made SILVER in the ceramic category of the Craft&Design awards! Thanks to all your support I was voted into the shortlist and then the Judges had their say. This is what they said about my work:

Alison Sandeman, Judge: “Katharina Klug’s work is aimed at contemporary interiors.  Her vessels echo her heroes but they are clearly her own. I liked the statement on her video that says she does not want the pots to be perfect. However, she does aim for perfection with the important aspects of proportions, shape and surface on the pots. Katharina continues in her video to enthuse about porcelain, her decoration techniques, and the knowledge that she will improve year after year. Her decoration, unlike many contemporary designs, has a natural, ancient feel. I was intrigued by the use of the ceramic wax crayons which she makes herself. Her experience and affinity with porcelain clay is clear. I could feel her enthusiasm emitting from the pots. Plans to introduce a gas kiln will give Katharina a chance to develop new glazes and higher translucency in the porcelain.  Artists that progress make changes. However, she is also revisiting her work; a brave step to go backwards, but I am sure it will bring future benefits. Coupled with continued experimentation, things look good for her future work. I shall be looking out!”

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